Who Is Ms. Blu?

 Ms. Blu is a prolific singing and songwriter who puts “storytelling”  to music. Ms. Blu was a music and nightclub prodigy at the age of twelve. Ms. Blu™ (aka Audra Berger) and the Blusical City™ are brand names that exemplify who she is and what color her magic is. She has the ability to transform old standards or 12-bar blues, into something powerfully new. Ms. Blu is the Blues ... Jazz and Old School socially conscious songs and magical entertainment.   

Born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, Ms. Blu made her singing debut at the age of eleven, at the Carver Community Center talent show where Richard Pryor got his start. In 1968, at the age of eighteen, Ms. Blu opened for Marvin Gaye at the Aragon Ball Room in Chicago. In 1964, Ms. Blu had the pleasure of working on an original song recorded at Chess Studio in Chicago, where the wonderfully talented Donny Hathaway was a studio musician. 

Ms. Blu has done some quality work with her dream accompanist and “Blusical” Director, Mr. David Lahm. Ms. Blu said, “ I have always wanted to work with someone who just “felt” what I wanted to say musically and David Lahm is a musical genius!  

Ms. Blu™ and David Lahm’s collaboration will produce great work! The two are currently working on a CD together where “A Fine Romance”  is one and “I Can’t Give You Anything” written by none other than the late great Dorothy Fields, who is incidentally David Lahm’s mother and one of my very favorite lyricist!

The Blues is a Woman” - Rosetta Weitz